Queries and Advices

Welcome to the Seeds Network website. This is an archive site to preserve some of the history, documents, songs, poems, and reflections from the Seeds Network.

Know the Word

What is the kingdom of God like? To what can we compare? Luke 13
Why do you not know how to interpret the present time? Luke 12
What are you discussing as you walk along?…..What things? Luke 26
Are you not misled because you do not know the Scriptures or the power of God?
Mark 12

1. What is our honest experience of Jesus Christ?
2. What are the stories that found and shape our lives, our locality, our culture?
3. How will we discern the Living Word who speaks to us through the biblical story, prayer and the people and situations around us?
4. How do the questions from the gospel stories shape our understanding?
5. What are the connections between the story of the Bible, our world and ourselves?

· Start or support a Study Circle, a Seminar Series or a Worship/Meditation Gathering.
· Creating common rhythms of gathering in order to Know the Word is everyone’s right and responsibility.
· Beware of liturgy becoming exclusive and ideological/idolatrous.
· Any settled form of liturgy should emerge as the fruit of missional engagement.

Grow Home

Do you also want to leave? Did I not choose you twelve? John 6:6
Have you anything here to eat? Luke 24
If there were not (many homes in my Father’s house), would I have told you that I am going to prepare a house for you? John 14:2
What were you arguing about as we travelled on the road? Mark 10

6. Who are our kin/mob/family? (Mark 3)
7. In what ways will we or will we not ‘be there for each other’ as ‘family’?
8. How do our families of origin and previous experiences of community affect us now?
9. How can we practice the disciplines of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience in this locality?
10. What are our economic necessities? (home, household, village…etc.)
11. What does it mean for us to be the body of Christ? Where am I putting my own body?

· Live within a poor neighbourhood. Identify with the poor through developing relationships
· Seeds mobs are 2-15 people. This small scale creates the intimacy and flexibility of “communitas.”
· Informal, unplanned and incidental encounters are vital for a sense of community. Groups should seek to live with each other or within close proximity to each other in order to enable such connections.
· There is room for outsiders within the circle. Jesus’ included a traitor, violent terrorist and a tax collector
· Our ultimate need for home can only come through God.
· The only communities that work are those of necessity.

Go Engage

When I sent you forth without a money bag or a sack or sandals, were you in need of anything? Luke 22:36
How many loaves do you have? Mark 6:38, 8:5; Matt 15:34
Which one was neighbour to the robber’s victim? Luke 10
Do you want to be well? John 5

12. How does Jesus’ life, incarnation, death & resurrection shape our practice of mission?
13. Who is at our table? Whom are we offering hospitality?
14. Are we dependent on those we serve? Are we experiencing hospitality from those we serve?
15. What is my vocation/calling? What voices are shaping our choices?
16. What is ‘good work’?
17. In what ways can we put those considered least at the top of our priorities?
18. How are we deepening our understanding and practice of Teaching, Healing and Exorcism in light of the Word?

· The Covenant group should be a space for conversation about vocational choices both big and small.
· Collective knowledge is generally helpful for discernment regarding choices of married or single life and in prioritising work options that will affect the community.
· Focus upon the mix of local, national and international issues. Where possible, integrate them.
· Do little things with a lot of love
· Practice holistic evangelism
· Community development is a great default position.