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Jesus asks us questions, good questions, unnerving questions, realigning questions, transforming questions. He leads us into liminal and therefore transformative space, much more than taking us into any moral high ground of immediate certitude or ego superiority. He subverts up front the cultural or theological assumptions that we are eventually going to have to face anyway. He leaves us betwixt and between, where God and grace can get at us, and where we are not at all in control. It probably does not work for a large majority of people, at least in my experience. They merely ignore you or fight you. Maybe this is why we have paid so little attention to Jesus’ questions and emphasized instead his seeming answers. They give us more of a feeling of success and closure. We made of Jesus a systematic theologian, who walked around teaching dogmas, instead of peripatetic and engaging transformer of the soul. Easy answers instead of hard questions allow us to try to change others instead of allowing God to change us. At least, I know that is true in my own life.

Richard Rohr.

We have to keep looking for spiritual questions if we want spiritual answers.

Henri Nouwen

Be patient with regard to all that in your heart is still unresolved and try to love the questions themselves like the closed parts and books written in extremely foreign language. Do not seek for the moment of the answer because you would not be able to live through it. Live the questions now. Perhaps you will live thereafter and gradually without realizing it, one day, live your way into the answer.

Rainer Marie Rilke

God, my God, with you it is always the same thing! Always the same question that nobody knows how to answer! While I am asking questions that You do not answer, You ask me a question that is so simple that I cannot answer it. I do not even understand the question.

Thomas Merton

There have been times when, after long on my knees in a cold chancel, a stone has rolled from my mind, and I have looked in and seen the old questions lie folded and in a place by themselves, like the piled grave clothes of love’s risen body.