Welcome to the Seeds Network website. This is an archive site to preserve some of the history, documents, songs, poems, and reflections from the Seeds Network.

The Seeds Network comprised, at its largest, 5 small communities of people who chose to move into socially and economically disadvantaged neighbourhoods in the state of Victoria, Australia. Their aim was to live out the spirit of Christ in those neighbourhoods, in accordance with a ‘covenant’ of common commitments.

Here you’ll find some info about our different mobs, our important documents, liturgy, and occasional notes from our meetings.

Our ‘life’ is best found in the discipleship of people shaped by the connections, conversations and commitments that the Covenant enabled, and continued to enable for some. Some of us have blogs which express some of our passions, and you can find them here.

God of Dishes by Andreana Reale (Seeds City)

The People’s Table by Marcus Curnow (Seeds Footscray)

Thinking My Way Through by  Dave Fagg (Seeds Bendigo)

Wonderful Awful Things by Christop Booth  (Seeds City)

itellyouarise by Talitha Fraser (Seeds Footscray)